My home I call heaven

My home I call heaven

For years I’ve had questions from people back home asking to see pictures of my house, and finally I’m getting around to it! I recently decided to start renting my house out on the weekends through Airbnb and although I miss being home on those days, I love receiving all the kind words my guests have to say about their stay. This post isn’t going to contain many words as the photos explain themselves. Take a look at my favorite place to be and if you’re ever in the area, I’d love to host you and give you a little taste of this home of mine I call heaven.


Lemon Party 🍋

Lemon Party 🍋

A few years back, we became obsessed with the Kate Spade lemon print. I mean, I’m still obsessed with it. They came out with this tote bag that was to die for and Lizzie and I knew immediately we had to throw a party that was all about this print.

Luckily, our brother was about to get married so we had the perfect excuse. The invitations we dreamed up were so pretty!

We used my parents backyard for the party and it served as the perfect back drop.

Each place setting had a lemon with hand lettered names as the place card. We’re all about being creative and personalizing something for each guest!

The menus and the invitations were both from Rock Paper Scissors.

Lizzie did the cakes (obviously!) Look how amazing the water color is!

For the party favors we had our friend Southern Belle Specialties make us some amazing cookies! She’s seriously the best. I wish we got better pictures!

The shower was in August in the late evening, so we had my dad hang some cafe lights, making the shower a perfect dinner party.

My pretty sisters…

Here are a few extra snapshots. Can someone please have a party so we can do this theme all over again!? Its to this day one of my favs.



Flower Party Fun

Flower Party Fun

One of the best things about our job is getting ladies together to have private clasess. Which is just an excuse for us to throw a party. Cause who doesn’t like parties?!

Back in April we hosted one of our flower arranging classes at my house and it was loads of fun!

I had it in the garage because let me tell you, flowers are MESSY! Everyone had a bucket to fill with flowers for their arraignment.

All the flowers were from one of our favorite spots here in Nashville, Import Flowers. We set up tables with cloth table clothes and used wrapping paper down the center as a runner.

At each table we had a place setting for each person, scissors and a party favor.

The party favors were filled with a small bottle of wine, a pack of seeds and an outdoor candle.

Dinner was catered by Zoe’s Kitchen, one of our favorite places. But of course, we couldn’t forget the cheese spread. What’s better then a party? A party with wine and cheese!

We displayed to the ladies different ways of arranging cheese, crackers and fruit. Charcuterie boards are one of our favorite things to do. We’ll have to put together a tutorial soon for the blog.

For everyone’s drinks, we used wine glass pens to write names on the glasses and I had found the cutest teal tassels from Target.

We had loads of fun and everyone went home with a beautiful arrangement!

Who wants to come to the next one!?

Invitation Envy

Invitation Envy

If we had to describe the perfect invitations, these would be it. Lizzie and I threw a Kate Spade themed Bachelorette Party for our sister-in-law and the invites were EPIC! We’re obsessed with all things Kate Spade, pretty paper and of course, presents. So why not combine all three, right?

Presentation is everything, so we went hunting for the perfect box and finally found one at the Container Store. Satin ribbons make some of my favorite bows, so we went with a kelly green. Every package had a personalized hot pink name tag.

All the paper was done, yet again, by my girls over at Rock Paper Scissors! As the box opened, everyone was greeted with one of Kate Spades famous sayings, “she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes”.

The invitations and information cards were wrapped with a custom designed wrapping paper and secured with some cute gold washi tape. All the invitations were backed with either gold glitter or metallic gold stock.

We hand glittered the gold spade to add an extra touch of flair. The two information cards were the schedule of the weekend and the brides lingerie size.

Behind the invitations there where some goodies hiding. Some gum, a pair of kate spade earrings, essie nail polish and a custom designed cookie by my favorite, Southern Belle Specialties!

These invitations are at the top of our list as some of our favorites we’ve ever done! Does anyone want to copy this party so we can do these again?!

Backyard Bridal Shower

Backyard Bridal Shower

Back in June, we had the privilege of throwing one of our favorite ladies a bridal shower. She’s been Lizzie’s best friend for over a decade and our families have become family. We flew all the way to California, back to our home town, to celebrate this occasion. My grandparents home was the perfect backdrop for our orange and blue china inspired party! We are so excited to show you how this beautiful backyard party turned out!

For the tables, we used woven water hyacinth charges, blue and white flower sack napkins and the most beautiful blue china paper plates. We found the plates last minute on amazon and they MADE the tablescape! For all the place cards we did calligraphy on fake green leafs and pined them into the oranges.

The party favors were filled recycled paper fruit baskets with cuties, tied with a blue striped fabric ribbon and a tag that said “thanks for coming cutie”. The tags and invitations were both made by my girl Lauren at Rock Paper Scissors!

We had our favorite lunch place, Green Street Cafe’s famous Diane’s salad and zucchini bread for lunch. No party of ours would be complete with out some cake. Obviously by my fabulous sister, Copper Whisk Cakes.

Bridal showers are best with a little bit of champage, so we put together a sweet little mimosa bar. Three different juices, champagne and an assortment of fruit.

We embellished the shower with cut up grapefruit and oranges scattered around the tables. The flowers were a combination of any flower we could find in the area that had whites and oranges. Usually we go down to the LA flower market but flying in the day before and trying to get everything ready really pushed us for time.  I’m so thankful I found peonies!

The party was fabulous and one of my favorites that we’ve done. Andrea was a beautiful bride-to-be and is going to make an even more beautiful bride! Although the rest of these detailed shots are just off my iphone, i figured we could include them 🙂


decorating is in the details

decorating is in the details

There aren’t a lot of things Lizzie and I love more then decorating! If you happened to read our first post and what we’re all about, you know that we believe surrounding yourself in a beautiful environment is one of our standards for “Living Beautifully”. I’m about to share with y’all a few rules of ours when decorating!

Piece in Three’s

We always start with piecing in three’s and building from there. Start with your base, in this case it’s my coffee table, and three items. Make sure your items are different in size, height, and color. For the rule followers, unlike me, those don’t always apply but starting there helps. For this particular table i decided to create a grid and started with flowers, a stack of magazines and a tray. From there I was able to file the tray with items. Notice, I again, pieced in three!

Use Plants (fake ones)

This is a controversial topic among designers. You’ll meet some who say never use fake plants or flowers and then you’ll meet some, like me, who swears by them! I have a horrible reputation with killing any plant I’ve ever owned, but greenery in a home is so important! Not every fake plant is worth the purchase though, make sure they look real before you buy one! We find our best ones at HomeGoods, Ikea and Target. The good ones can be a little on the pricey side so thats one item we are ALWAYS on the look out for and never pass up a good deal. When you’re decorating, with the “piece in three” rule that we have, make a plant or flower one of those pieces.

Don’t forget height

Wether its in using a large candle, a lamp, a vase or an open record player, its important to vary height when decorating a space. Never put two items of the same size next to each other. Notice how in the photo above and below, there are varying heights? This is important in creating dimension and movement within the space you’re decorating. Also using both vertical and horizontal objects adds a good element. I love using stacked books, tied up, to stand alone as its own piece, or layered under something to add more height.

Mix it up

Make sure you’re mixing materials, shapes, colors, and items. An example would be putting a metal decorative item with flowers in a glass vase on a wooden tray. Or a stack of books, a porcelain lemon and a leather covered record player. Ask yourself if you have at least three different elements. Paper, glass, metal, porcelain, leather, or wood. Don’t forget to vary colors!

Add personality

Last but not least! Be creative and use your own taste. Don’t be scared of buying interesting items, add some color or weird shape. We love pineapples, gold animals, porcelain fruit, etc.

I hope these tips helped y’all out!