There aren’t a lot of things Lizzie and I love more then decorating! If you happened to read our first post and what we’re all about, you know that we believe surrounding yourself in a beautiful environment is one of our standards for “Living Beautifully”. I’m about to share with y’all a few rules of ours when decorating!

Piece in Three’s

We always start with piecing in three’s and building from there. Start with your base, in this case it’s my coffee table, and three items. Make sure your items are different in size, height, and color. For the rule followers, unlike me, those don’t always apply but starting there helps. For this particular table i decided to create a grid and started with flowers, a stack of magazines and a tray. From there I was able to file the tray with items. Notice, I again, pieced in three!

Use Plants (fake ones)

This is a controversial topic among designers. You’ll meet some who say never use fake plants or flowers and then you’ll meet some, like me, who swears by them! I have a horrible reputation with killing any plant I’ve ever owned, but greenery in a home is so important! Not every fake plant is worth the purchase though, make sure they look real before you buy one! We find our best ones at HomeGoods, Ikea and Target. The good ones can be a little on the pricey side so thats one item we are ALWAYS on the look out for and never pass up a good deal. When you’re decorating, with the “piece in three” rule that we have, make a plant or flower one of those pieces.

Don’t forget height

Wether its in using a large candle, a lamp, a vase or an open record player, its important to vary height when decorating a space. Never put two items of the same size next to each other. Notice how in the photo above and below, there are varying heights? This is important in creating dimension and movement within the space you’re decorating. Also using both vertical and horizontal objects adds a good element. I love using stacked books, tied up, to stand alone as its own piece, or layered under something to add more height.

Mix it up

Make sure you’re mixing materials, shapes, colors, and items. An example would be putting a metal decorative item with flowers in a glass vase on a wooden tray. Or a stack of books, a porcelain lemon and a leather covered record player. Ask yourself if you have at least three different elements. Paper, glass, metal, porcelain, leather, or wood. Don’t forget to vary colors!

Add personality

Last but not least! Be creative and use your own taste. Don’t be scared of buying interesting items, add some color or weird shape. We love pineapples, gold animals, porcelain fruit, etc.

I hope these tips helped y’all out!